Apr 15

How to Retrieve Data from Crashed Hard Drive – Restore Data from Crashed Hard Drive

You have been working on important papers from past few weeks and you are almost in a verge of finishing it. The deadline is in a few days, you save all those documents and go for a break. After returning, you notice that your computer screen has gone black. Your system reboots itself and now …

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Mar 21

How to recover MacBook Pro partition?

Macintosh or Mac OS is known to be the most popular Operating System designed by Apple Inc in the present trend. Mac OS has always been prized for its superlative features and innovative, cutting edge technology. MacBook Pro computers are considered to be flawless and secure than other OS. The operating system offers good reliability …

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Jul 10

How to Repair Word Documents on Windows OS?

It is rather painful when your word document that is created by spending lot of time has become inaccessible or corrupted. You may lose all information contained in that word file. To overcome from such situations, create the backup of important file. If your word documents get corrupted and you do not have its backup, …

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May 23

Can You Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Computer?

Pictures are the sweet memories that people want to keep with them as a mark of their memorable moments. Nowadays it has become easier to capture photos with the help of digital camera or cell phones. To keep the pictures away from loss you may consider computer to be the most secure place. But you …

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Jan 29

Restore RAW Files from Windows

In this fast growing world, every individual is having digital cameras and high pixel resolution mobile phones to capture wonderful pictures. The video, audio, photos which are generated directly by these electronic digital devices are called RAW Files, which are unprocessed files. These unprocessed files are having more chances to loss due to several reasons. …

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Jan 22

How to Retrieve RAR Files?

Archives are collection of Zip and RAR files. RAR file format is used to compress data and archiving. A RAR file is a combination of one large file or many small files that has been compressed to reduce the file size. RAR files are the native format of WinRAR archives. Unlike Zip files, RAR files …

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Jan 02

How To Retrieve Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a source for storing important files when you run out of space in your computer hard drive as amount of information that you store in computers maximizes day by day. It can be found in different brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, Iomega, Western Digital, etc. It is also widely used to …

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Dec 29

Best Way to Recover Lost Documents

Windows Operating System is intended to be a modular system to supply the wide variety of services for most of the platform requirements. It has grown from single product i.e. DOS to a full family of products to meet different requirements. Windows NT was the first Operating System that possesses security features. User mode and …

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Dec 12

Pen Drive File Recovery

Pen drives are most frequently used to transfer files from one device to another device. Pen drives are commonly called as thumb drives, USB drives, etc. Pen drives can be directly plugged into your computer via USB port. USB drives are very small, portable and durable storage devices, which can store different types of files. …

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Jul 11

How to retrieve zip archive

Problem: I had reinstalled Window 7 on my laptop. Before installation, I have compressed important documents into a zip archive, and transfer it on a USB drive. Later on after successfully installing Windows 7, I try to copy zip archive back to my laptop, but to my surprise what I found is that zip archive …

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