How To Retrieve Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a source for storing important files when you run out of space in your computer hard drive as amount of information that you store in computers maximizes day by day. It can be found in different brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, Iomega, Western Digital, etc. It is also widely used to keep back up of important files so that you can restore back your valuable data. As all other storage devices external hard disk is also not free from corruption after all it is a human made device. It may get corrupted due to several reasons like abrupt removal of external hard drive, virus infection, bad sectors in disk, file system corruption and so on.

Loss of files & folders from external hard disk after these data loss situation has become a major problem for all gadgets user across the world. Though most users take precautionary steps to avoid loss of data, but you may come across a situation where you might loss data unknowingly. Simple deletion or formatting external HDD will not erase file stored data from it permanently. The file will be just marked as deleted or lost but the information remains intact until that file is overwritten with new data.

Let us discuss some scenarios that lead to data from external hard disk:

  • File system corruption: File system gets corrupted if system shut down due to sudden power surges or interruption during transfer of files from external HDD to your computer. Sometimes corrupt file system will also result in RAW partition, at that time it cannot recognize its file system and it may also show used space and free space as 0 bytes.
  • Bad sectors in disk: Bad sectors on external hard disk are also a reason for data loss is a part of the drive that makes the drive inaccessible and unusable. It can be due to reasons such as excessive read or write operations, power failure, configuration setting problems, corrupted boot records, etc.
  • Virus infection:  External hard drive may get affected by infectious virus or malicious programs when you were using your hard disk under unsecured network. When you download audio files or any other files from network viruses are also downloaded along with the file. When you transfer files using that external hard drive virus also get in to the drive. You can remove viruses by using antivirus program, but antivirus will also delete that file if it is severely affected by virus. Under extreme case, viruses corrupt the hard disk.

You may think how to retrieve data from a corrupted external hard drive; no need to worry file recovery software  can be used to restore lost data from damaged external HDD. Visit for further details.This software can recover files like videos, image, songs, texts, documents, etc on the basis of their signatures from it.. This application is also capable of  recovering data from pen drive of different models like Kingston, Data Traveller, SanDisk, Transcend, etc. If you want to know about file recovery  from pen drive then you can read details about it by clicking here. You can undelete files from SD cards, MMC cards, XD cards, memory stick. You can also use this tool to recover data from hard drive partition on Windows Operating system. Just follow the link to get details about it.

Just follow the simple steps to perform external HDD recovery process:

  1. Plug the external hard drive into your system. Install and launch file recovery software. After that run the application you will get three options out of which you have to select “Recover Partition/ Drives”
  2. You will find two options out of which you have to select “Partition Recovery” option.
  3. After that you select the external HDD connected to the system and then start the recovery process.
  4. After scanning process, you can view the list of recovered files from corrupted external disk.


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