Restore RAW Files from Windows

In this fast growing world, every individual is having digital cameras and high pixel resolution mobile phones to capture wonderful pictures. The video, audio, photos which are generated directly by these electronic digital devices are called RAW Files, which are unprocessed files. These unprocessed files are having more chances to loss due to several reasons. The RAW files are in compressed format. The different formats of RAW files are CR2, NEF, PSD, TIFF, GIF, X3F, PSD, DNG, PEF etc, thus you have to convert these RAW files into system readable format. Generally, you can convert these RAW files into system readable formats like jpg, jpeg, avi, mp3 etc formats.

In general the loss or deletion of RAW files occurs in many scenarios like accidentally or intentionally. In many cases, unawareness of usage of latest versions of software’s and brands of devices can also cause the deletion or loss of RAW files. And also common mistakes like pressing delete all option, abruptly pulling memory cards out, capturing photos when device is in lower battery etc causes the deletion or loss of  RAW files. To avoid these kinds of problems, an individual should have proper knowledge about the usage of these devices.

In most special occasions like holiday trip, marriage celebration or anniversary etc you can capture photos, record audios and videos those are in RAW file format. In these situations the possibility of loss or deletion of RAW files is more due to continuous capturing of photos, capturing photos when device is in lower battery, improper handling of devices etc, and in digital studios where professionals can convert these RAW Files into system readable format or processed format, and also in film editing studios. If loss and deletion of RAW files occurs in these situations you can retrieve them back.

RAW File loss or deletion is the most typical issue when you are using digital cameras, memory cards, and USB devices in an improper manner. Since these devices have low security and simple internal structure this leads to loss or deletion of RAW files. The various causes to lose the RAW Files are depending on the handling and usage of the devices.

The factors which cause loss or deletion of RAW files are

  • Accidentally pressing delete all option,
  • Memory card or system storage device get oversized,
  • While transferring data through Bluetooth devices,
  • Due to abrupt power loss and
  • Simple virus infection can also cause your RAW file deletion or loss etc.

You can restore RAW Files from genuine software which are in market. The RAW file recovery software will work very efficiently to restore RAW Files which are deleted or lost. Follow the link to recover RAW drive data. RAW File recovery software can recover lost RAW files in less span of time within a few minutes. You can also restore AVI files by making use of this software within couple of  mouse clicks that were lost or deleted due to some unknown reasons  Morever, you can also restore external drive data & to know the scanning process go to You can also retrieve files from memory cards used in digital cameras and mobile phones, USB drives etc. It can support different brands of these devices such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Sigma, Pentax, Kodak, Leica etc.


The following steps will restore lost or deleted RAW files efficiently


  1. Download and install RAW File recovery software. After installing, you will get main menu, select the option “Recover files” and after it will navigate to second screen select “Recover lost files or Recover Deleted files” option from this screen.
  2. After this it will navigate to next screen, select the storage device from where you have to recover raw files and click on “Next” button.
  3. It will show preview of the lost files, check for relevant results and save your recovered RAW files.

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